Frequently Asked Questions

How can Little Peanut on the Go help me?

If you’re a parent, Little Peanut on the Go is your personal assistant mobile app for times when you or your children are away from home. You can create packing lists and to-do lists, build care schedules to share with caregivers, and connect with your children while you’re away with updates and photos.

All of the handwritten lists and notes on your kitchen counter can be replaced with Little Peanut on the Go! Simply create your information once and use it in any plan, sharing it with any caregiver at any time. As your children grow and change, just make a quick update and your caregivers will have the new information, right in their pocket.

If you provide care for children, Little Peanut on the Go will give you all the information you need to provide excellent care. You’ll have their care schedule and important information such as doctors, allergies, medical facilities, and parent contact details at your fingertips. Plus, Little Peanut on the Go will give you an easy way to communicate and share updates and photos with parents.

When would I use Little Peanut on the Go?

Any time you need a caregiver or a suitcase! Family vacations, couples getaways, date nights, nanny communication, even a quick list of what to pack for daycare. It’s flexible enough to cover all of these occasions.

Where can I get the app?

Little Peanut on the Go is available for download on the App Store and on Google Play.

How do I get started?

After you create your account, you will see a Planning Guide that provides options for using the app.  You can choose to plan for a Sitter, an Overnight, an Outing, a Getaway, or Excellent Childcare.  Then you will see the steps to take to use the app to make your plan.  

The first step to use the app is to build your family on the Family Setup page. You will create contact profiles for parents and information profiles for your children. Then you can add as much additional information as you’d like, including emergency contacts, doctors, dentists, medical facilities, and caregivers. Then you can create your children’s daily schedule, such as bottles, mealtimes, naptimes, medications, and bedtimes. You can always return to Family Setup to update this information.

You can return to the Planning Guide at any time by going to the app’s menu in the upper left corner.

What’s the difference between an emergency contact and a caregiver?

A caregiver is someone who takes care of your children. An emergency contact is someone the caregiver can contact if they can’t get ahold of you.

What do I do after I create my family?

After your family is set up, you can create a plan. A plan could be a family vacation, a date night, your children’s time with their nanny – any occasion when you or your children are away from home. Inside each plan you can create a packing list, a to-do list, a care schedule, or all three.

How do I create a plan?

On the plans page, tap “Add Plan” to create a new plan. On the next screen, enter the name and dates of the plan, and then select which children should be included in the plan. After the plan has been saved you can create a packing list, a to-do list, or a care schedule by tapping on the appropriate icon.

How do I make a packing list?

Little Peanut on the Go makes packing a snap! The app already has a library full of common things so all you have to do is start typing the name of an item and you’ll see a list of suggestions to pick from. You can choose which children need the item plus add a reminder or enter notes, and save the item into your packing list. The packing list can also be filtered by child. Then as you pack, check off the item to move it to the packed list. If you make a mistake you can uncheck a packed item and it will be unpacked.

What if an item I need isn’t in the library?

You can create a new item if you can’t find it in the library. When you create the item it will stay in your library so you can find it to use again later.

How do I make a to-do list?

The to-do list is a place for you to add tasks that you need to do with regards to the plan, such as stop the mail or arrange pet care. You can select tasks from the library, or create your own. Like the packing list, you can add reminders and notes to your tasks. As you complete a task, check it off to move it to the completed list.

How do I create a care schedule?

There are two places to create a care schedule – in Family Setup or in a plan. The easiest place to create and maintain your children’s daily schedule is in Family Setup. Add their common daily events such as bottles, mealtimes, naptimes, medications, baths, and bedtimes, and then whenever you create a plan that daily schedule will automatically populate every day of the plan.

If you didn’t create the schedule in Family Setup, you can also create it when you’re in a plan. Inside a plan you can add special events for that plan’s time period, like swimming lessons or soccer practice.

What do I do once I’ve created my lists and care schedule?

Now you’re ready to share the plan with a caregiver! Go to the plan’s information page and you’ll see the “Share Plan” button. Tap it, and you’ll be able to select an existing caregiver or add a new one. The caregiver will receive an email letting them know they’ve been assigned a plan. If they don’t already have a Little Peanut on the Go account, they’ll be given instructions on how to get the app. (A small one-time in-app purchase will allow you to share an unlimited number of plans, with funding used to continue to improve the app.)

How will I know that my caregiver has received the plan?

Your caregiver can accept or reject the plan. Either way, you will receive an email with their response. If your caregiver rejects the plan because they’re unavailable during the time of the plan, you can reassign the plan to another caregiver.

How do I reassign a plan to another caregiver?

If your assigned caregiver rejects a plan, it will be removed from their app and you will be able to select a different caregiver for that plan. Open the plan in the app and tap the “Unassign Caregiver” button. You can then tap “Share Plan” again to select an existing caregiver or add a new one.

What information will the caregiver have access to in their app?

The caregiver will have access to the information in the plan they’ve been assigned, including your contact information, your children’s information, and your emergency contacts, doctors, dentists, and medical facilities. They will have the care schedule and a copy of the children’s packing list so they can be sure to send everything back home if necessary. The caregiver can even choose to set reminders for themselves for important items in the care schedule.

What is the Posts page and what does it do?

The Posts page lets your caregiver post updates and photos from your children’s day. You can respond back, too, so no matter where you are or what time zone you’re in, you’ll be able to share in their day while you’re away. Posts will remain in your plan for 30 days after the plan’s end date.

How long do plans remain in my account?

Plans remain in a parent’s account until the parent deletes them. You can copy a plan if you’d like to re-use one from the past – maybe it had the perfect packing list that you want to re-use. Plans will be removed from a caregiver’s account the day after the plan has ended.

How do I delete a plan?

Open the plan, tap “Edit” in the upper right corner, then tap the “Remove Plan” button.

Can I email a plan?

If your caregiver does not have access to the app, you can email the plan to them by tapping the “Share via Email” button on the plan’s information page and then entering the caregiver’s email address. (A small one-time in-app purchase will allow you to share an unlimited number of plans, with funding used to continue to improve the app.)

Can a caregiver use the app as a parent, and can a parent use the app as a caregiver?

Yes, if a person registers as a caregiver, they can add the parent ability by switching to their parent role and going to Family Setup to create their family. If a person registers as a parent, their caregiver role will become active when another parent assigns them a plan.

How do I switch between my parent and caregiver roles?

You can switch between parent and caregiver roles in the app’s menu in the upper left corner and tapping on either “Switch to Parent Role” or “Switch to Caregiver Role.

Can I access the app from two different mobile devices?

Yes, if you install the app on two different mobile devices you can log in to the same account from both devices. If you make an in-app purchase, it will be available in that account on both devices. However, you can only be logged in to an account on one device at a time.  If you log in to the same account on a second device while still logged in on the first device, the account on the first device will be automatically logged out.

How much does the app cost?

Little Peanut on the Go is a free download with in-app purchases for parents. The app is free for caregivers.

How long does my password need to be?

Your password needs to be at least four characters in length.

How do I change my password?

There is a change password selection in the app’s slide out menu in the upper left corner.

Can I use the app without an internet connection?

Not yet, but hopefully in a future update.

Can I create packing lists for parents?

This is in our future plans. For now, you can create your own packing list in your to-do list if you would like.

Can I assign two different caregivers to a plan?

This is in our future plans. For now, you can create one plan for one caregiver, copy the plan, and share the copy with the second caregiver.

Do you have video tutorials?

Yes, you can view video tutorials on our YouTube Channel.